Underwater Visible Light Communications Device "i-MAJUN" series

- For leisure diving communication device [Sales begin from April, 2013]
   - Communication between Buddies
   - Communication between beginner divers and instructor
   - Communication between the diver under diving and person onboard

"i-MAJUN" makes possible for conversation between divers directly under the sea. You can experience the unprecedented and pleasant diving world with thissafe equipment.  
How about proposing in your voice directly in the deep-blue and very beautiful sea in Okinawa? 

FYI: Shipment of "i-MAJUN" started from April 24!

- For ocean civil engineering communication device [For sale coming soon]
   - Communication between working divers
   - Communication between working divers and person onboard
   * Because the device shape can be different under the work locations, it will be build-to-order manufacturing after consultation.

When conversation between person onboard working divers directly with this device, they will experience highest relief and safety. 
Moreover, working efficiency will be raised sharply by direct conversation. 
This device can provide you the world of ocean civil engineering with unprecedented new relief and safety.

- Other device
Please feel free to consult us about communications under the sea.


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