About "i-MAJUN"

Underwater Visible Light Communications Device
i-MAJUN top image

"i-MAJUN" is new diving device which can enjoy conversation using the light of an LED type underwater light.
You can feel
more pleasant under the sea using the feature of light.
In incorporated 21 Zamami (partner company), we can provide you some services using i-MAJUN.

[Elements]                                                                 [Manufacturer]
- Maximum communication distance: 30m                      Marine Comms Ryukyu, Inc. (MCR)
- Maximum depth: 30m                                               [Sales Office]
- Lamp Type: 3W super high intensity white LED x9       1-20-9, Oroku, Naha-shi,
- Light Output: 1,500 lumen maximum                            Okinawa, 901-0152 Japan
- Communication channel: 2ch                                        Tel. +81-98-996-2978
- Battery Run Time: About 240 minutes                           Fax. +81-98-996-2979
- Battery Charge Time: Max. 4 hours                             
- Applicable Voltage: 100 - 240V
* Usability in air not applicable.                                    
- Main Body (Light/Transceiver)                                      
- Underwater Bone-Conductive Speaker/Microphone        
- Battery Case
- Dedicated Lithium-Ion Battery
- Wall Charger
- Operating Manual
- Warranty Card


[Sales Office]
1-20-9, Oroku, Naha-shi,
Okinawa, 901-0152 Japan
Tel. +81-98-996-2978
Fax. +81-98-996-2979